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Higher Efficiency stove uses less fire and cuts indoor air pollution

4. Helping families breathe easier

The Rocket Box, a portable open source cookstove developed by AIDG intern Beau Baldock and adapted to the Guatemalan market uses 50% less wood than an open fire. It was the result of numerous trials after testing traditional masonry stove designs. It is still produced and marketed by Technologia Ecologica De Occidente S.A. (Xelateco became Technologia Ecologica de Occidente after it was reincorporated as a S.A.). The company changed management in 2011 and began marketing the stove as the Dona Dora. The Dona Dora is still sold today. .

The stove underwent some revisions by AIDG in 2010, changing the combustion chamber and adding tiled shelves, to become the Dona Dora, but the main stove design is open source. Build manuals can be found here. An analysis of the performance can be found here

(Pictured: Don Luis (main photo) brings home a heavy load of firewood to meet his family's daily cooking and heating needs. His wife (inset left) cooks over an open unventilated fire exposing herself and her daughter to smoke and soot that can cause life-threatening respiratory infections. Worldwide, someone dies every 20 seconds from diseases linked to indoor air pollution caused by burning biomass fuels. The Rocket Box stove is tested at CNA (inset right). Rocket Boxes getting ready for shipment at Xelateco (right). )

Rocket Box stove