Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)
AIDG is closed. 10 Years in Review.
Public latrine in Petite Anse that serves 400 people

5. Clean water and safe sanitation.

AIDG worked with a range of watsan technologies over the years, including biodigestors, biosand filters, solar water heaters, composting latrines, vermicomposting, and Hydraulic Ram Pumps.

Biogas: A number of installations of ARTI style biodigestors were done in Haiti and Guatemala. Though the company which we helped launch for Biogas in Haiti did not do well the technology itself is sound and provides sufficient gas for daily cooking needs if properly fed. A build manual in French can be found here. An English version is here.

Biosand water filters: Biosand filters were tested in over 50 households but follow on water testing showed poor maintenance and contaminated water passing through after 6 month check ups, ultimately the program was closed.

Composting Toilets: The test urine diverting composting toilets, like the one above, installed in Haiti with our partner SOIL are still running and providing sanitation to several hundred people each.

Water Heaters: AIDG's serpentine water heater (construction manual available here in spanish and design analysis available here in spanish, English versions can be downloaded here and here respectively), provided hot water to a number of intsallations in Guatemala.

Vermicomposting: In vermicomposting we trained several hundred community representatives. We provided support services to Inprode in their municipal scale vermicomposting operation.

Hydraulic Ram Pumps: Our work with the "Juan Martillo" Ram Pump design is still providing water to Palmera Xolhuitz. It became the inspiration for us to work with Proacma which is providing Ram Pumps to farms throughout Guatemala.

In addition to the above formal programs we provided emergency water reconnection services to communities who had water cut off by mudlsides during Tropical Storm Agatha. We also did temporary water testing services around Quetzaltenango, and found a few bottled water companies sold water contaminated by fecal coliform bacteria.

(Pictured: Traditional latrine overhanging the river in Shada (main). This was torn down by AIDG and replaced with a dry composting toilet (inset:right). Children at a Guatemalan kindergarten play in the warm water from a Solar Water heater developed by AIDG (right). Juan Martillo pumps water to Palmera Xolhuitz (right). )
Kids testing hot water

Juan Martillo the ram pump