Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)
AIDG is closed. 10 Years in Review.

6. Helping Guatemalan Enterprises

One of AIDG's core programs was business incubation work. We provided up to $50,000 in seed financing to enterprises and included some value added technical support, such as support with design, manufacturing and general business questions. In total we supported eight enterprises in Guatemala. Seven of which are running today.

XELATECO/TECHNOLGIA ECOLOGICA DE OCCIDENTE (Active as of June 2014): Xelateco started with an array of technologies including hydroelectric systems, but ultimately evolved into a stove manufacturer.

QUETSOL(Active as of June 2014): Quetsol (now Kingo Energy) provides home solar systems at a price point that out competes candles.

RECELCA (Active as of June 2014): RECELCA is an e-waste recycler.

ECOCOMAL(Active as of June 2014): Ecocomal produces high efficiency stoves.

PROACMA (Active as of June 2014): Proacma makes hydraulic ram pumps for communities.

RAKAN-KOJ INGENIEROS (Active as of June 2014): plastics recycling business dedicated to making plasticized paving stones.

GROUPO PROAMBA/INPRODE S.A (Active as of June 2014) INPRODE provides municipal scale composting solutions using vermicomposting.

Proyectos y sistemas (Active as of June 2014) Proyectos Y Sistemas developed a thermal temperature control for electric shower head water heaters that saved energy.

(Pictured: Quetsol demonstrates a picosolar system. A PROACMA ram pump (inset left). E-waste awaiting recycling at RECELCA (inset right). An Ecocomal Stove (right).)

Ecocomal Stove