Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG)
AIDG is closed. 10 Years in Review.

7. Enterprises in Haiti.

AIDG worked to replicate incubation services in Haiti over a four year period, with an interruption due to the earthquake response. During that time we helped 5 enterprises. Unfortunately only two of those enterprises are still running today. We believe part of the problem was simply the difficulty in reducing prices to the level of affordability for the target populations (people making under $2 a day were more common in Haiti than in Guatemala). Two of the enterprises likely failed because of pricing issues. The other failure seemed very clearly tied to a lack of follow on financing. The deals offered by the angel investment community in Haiti were much harsher than the deals offered by angels in Guatemala. The final surviving businesses managed to solve the questions of pricing and have largely bootstrapped without follow on financing. These enterprises serve tens of thousands of people.

The Haitian Enterprises are:

ENERSA:(active as of June 2014) Solar Street light manufacturer.

D&E Green Enterprises:(active as of June 2014) High efficiency stove production.

Shelter 2 Home:(closing as of June 2014) Housing kits that transform from temporary shelters into full houses.

COOPEN:(inactive) Biogas systems for homes.

EBNH:(inactive) Biogas systems for homes.

(Pictured: Shelter 2 Home house. Right: Ecorecho stove.)

Ecorecho Stove