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AIDG Internship Program
2006 Interns installing solar water heater

Internship Program

(For Reference: Program Terminated 12/2010)

The AIDG Internship Program gives qualified professionals, undergraduate, and graduate students hands-on experience in international development and appropriate technology implementation in developing countries. It also fosters the transfer of technical knowledge between university students/faculty and the workers at our incubated businesses.

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Meet a Few of our Previous Interns

Micro-Hydroelectric Intern: Will Stone(2009)

AIDG Micro-Hydroelectric Intern Will Stone talks about his work with us in Guatemala. Will assisted in the upgrade of a Pelton Turbine at the Nueva Alianza community and has just finished designing a Mitchell Banki Turbine for use at the Corazon del Bosque ecopark.

Biodigester Intern: Christopher Salam (2009)

AIDG biodigester intern, Christopher Salam, talks about his work with us in 2009. Chris has been assisting on biogas field visits, building and managing the demo biodigester installations at AIDG's Guatemala office and testing biodigester effluent enrichment through vermicomposting.

Intern and Volunteer Coordinator: Corrina Grace (2008)

Corrina Grace

Community Outreach Intern: Katie Bliss (2008)

Katie  Bliss

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