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XelaTeco begins operations in Guatemala
Saturday, 20 August 2005
Weston, MA and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala - August 20, 2005 -The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) announced today that its first incubated micro-manufacturing facility, XelaTeco, began operations in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. XelaTeco will produce, install and repair low cost, environmentally sound infrastructure products, such as windmills, small-scale hydroelectric systems, and biodigesters, for rural communities, development agencies and individuals within the Quetzaltenango region.

While the rural poor in developing countries tend to be underserved by large infrastructure projects (e.g. large scale hydroelectric installations), they can enjoy dramatic improvements to their standard of living through simple, distributed, low cost, technologies. Through XelaTeco and its future incubated businesses, the AIDG intends to increase opportunities for sustainable development within developing countries by improving access to such technologies.

"By providing environmentally and economically viable alternatives to people seeking infrastructure improvements, the AIDG hopes its workshops will improve people's quality of life, health, and self sufficiency," said AIDG Executive Director and founder, Peter Haas.

"People don't choose environmentally destructive options because of a desire to harm the environment. They choose them because they are affordable and they work. The AIDG's workshops will provide working alternatives that are both economically and environmentally attractive," continued Haas.

During its first three years of operation, XelaTeco will be financially supported and trained by the AIDG. After this incubation period, the business will repay the initial investment into a fund dedicated to the creation of similar facilities in other regions or countries.

The XelaTeco team is comprised of ten exceptional Guatemalan engineering and technical students and workers. In an effort to promote gender equity, three of the ten individuals hired were women. Currently, XelaTeco is working in close partnership with one of the leading non-governmental organizations within Quetzaltenango, CEDEPEM, to make inroads in the local community.

For more information on the AIDG or XelaTeco, go to / , email, or call 1-800-401-3860.

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