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Tick Tock goes the clock. Only 9 hours left... [12/31/2008]

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There are only a few hours left in 2008. Will you donate and help us start 2009 right?

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10 Reasons to Support AIDG

Extra Bonus: Get a 2008 tax-deduction if you make your year-end gift by midnight tonight.

Matching Grants Galore

Thanks everyone who gave to the recent matching grant. We got our 40th gift just this morning. Thanks E. Lu for closing us out.


But wait there's more. Echoing Green, our 1st major donor, has awarded us a matching grant of $18,500 to help us grow AIDG better, faster, and stronger. Donate today and your support will be doubled. If you do decide to give, drop a quick email to with "For Echoing Green Match" in the subject line.

Year in Pictures

So much has happened in 2008, here are just a few choice stories.

AIDG reached a major milestone this year. Our very first business, XelaTeco, has left the nest.

Candido Ichel of XelaTeco checking out an evacuated tube solar water heater

Their incubation period is over and they are on their way to being a sustainable provider of green solutions to rural communities (as well as the occasional urbanite looking for affordable green installations such as this Chinese solar hot water heater).

Installing electric poles and transformers at La Fe and Chantel

In 2008, XelaTeco finished its 3rd community hydroelectric/rural electrification project and has served over a 1000 people thus far. It has also been extending La Fe and Chantel's electric grid so that community members can get power in their homes.

Off to see the tower, the wonderful tower of Humdinger

XT won an R&D contract with Humdinger Wind Energy, to create what could be the next generation of small scale wind. Fun fact: This wind tower in a cornfield in Guatemala is internet enabled. We can send it Skype messages to get weather and power readings from the system. (Science is fun).

La Florida stoves tests

These women from La Florida are helping us test how much more efficient our Rocket Box stoves are compared to a traditional open wood fire. In the future, AIDG wants to tap into carbon credit mechanisms to help further promote green technologies in developing countries.

This year was a very difficult one for Haiti with food riots in April, a brief occupation by former military of several government buildings 3 blocks from our office in July, and 4 killer hurricanes in a row in September.

Dry Composting Latrine in Shada, Cap Haitien

Right now we have 3 community latrines in Cap Haitien that are serving roughly 700 people.

Overhauled biodigester design

We overhauled our original biodigester designs to better fit materials availability in Haiti. This system is installed at Projet Pierre Toussaint, a local NGO in Haiti that works with street kids.

New Year's Resolutions: Water and Hydro and Biogas! Oh my!

We're starting 2009 with a push to create our next business in Northern Haiti. In fact, we're kicking off a biogas business plan competition January 2nd. This fall, we have several similar competitions planned in Guatemala. Stay tuned for more info on these exciting developments.

Thank you for everything

2008 has been a crazy year and all of us at AIDG wanted to thank you for your continuous support, well wishes, advice, and general rooting for us. Because greening the world is a team effort, we're starting a new newsletter segment where we say thanks to the people who make our work possible.


This month a special thanks goes out to L. Walker and C. Bracewell who braved Black Friday lines and bad weather to bring tools down to us in Guatemala. We, our backs and our meager luggage allowances thank you.

Have a wonderful new year full of good times with family and friends! For folks in the North East US, stay safe in today's winter storm.

Keeping it green,

Cat Laine


AIDG starts small businesses in Haiti and Guatemala to help underserved communities get affordable renewable energy, sanitation and clean water.

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